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The tablet: According to some experts, the tablet would be an interesting learning tool thanks to its interactivity, if its use is supervised by parents. It would diversify the sources of stimulation.

If you do not have a computer, rest assured: children who arrive at kindergarten without experience in the computer world easily catch up with those who knew him at home. Tips & Strategies : Tips and Information

No universal standard guarantees the quality of these games. It is useful to try them or ask for information before buying them. What is the game? What is the child asked? Are there different levels of difficulty that are appropriate for the age of the child? How long is a game? A 45 minutes generally available for every children. Tips & Strategies : Tactics and Hacks

Excessive exposure to screens contributes to the sedentary lifestyle of children. Screen games are practiced at the expense of sports activities and free play outside. Young people who spend more than two hours a day in front of a screen play 30 minutes less outdoors than other children. This helps to increase the risk of overweight and obesity. In addition, children who have a TV in their room are more likely to gain weight than other children. According to some experts, even so-called active video games can not be used to help children get more physical activity. They may, however, transform sedentary behavior into light to moderate physical activity.

Some experts believe that excessive use of tablets and smartphones weakens eye muscles, leads to fatigue and headaches. Poor posture at the time of use could also cause musculoskeletal problems.

Staying in front of a computer screen is a relatively passive activity. But the young child (and the older child too) needs to touch, manipulate, move, talk, be creative, play with real objects and real people. In addition, a young child may have trouble understanding what to do on the computer.

The presence of a parent at his side is necessary to enable him to extract the maximum. This is not a real disadvantage if the activity becomes a shared game with the parent, but it will be if the parent wants to occupy the child at the computer while he is doing something else.

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