Play With Friends : Detailed Review

Information about games

A young child does not have the maturity to play a video game. He does not have the skills to really understand the rules of a video game and play it effectively. Moreover, the values conveyed by these games are, in general, speed, competition, sometimes compassion, generosity, but also, very often, violence. However, violent images, present in these games, can create anxiety for the smallest, because they are not yet able to take enough distance from the fiction.

At school age, some children, especially boys, may become addicted to video games, unable to do without them. When they play, they do not hear anything about them; they are cut off from the real world. To avoid this situation, it is better to set specific rules of use as soon as the child starts to play this type of games.

Play With Friends : Tips and Info for Gamers

The virtual world brings a lot of stimulation to the child, but it can not bring him the same wealth of experiences as the real world.

Without preventing your child from playing it, it is wise to carefully select what you put in his hands and control its use. Limiting and supervising the use of these games avoids the isolation of the child and his passivity in front of a screen. These games represent an activity among all others; they should never become the dominant activity of your child’s day.

If we give the child good habits, it will be easier to keep them at school age, when interest is growing, especially for video games.

These games are an activity among all others and should never become the dominant activity of your child’s day.

Play With Friends : Hacks and Tactis

Video games and children

The benefits of video games for kids

Video game enthusiasts will reap the benefits, including skill and responsiveness. These popular activities of the brats are not only distracting, but above all instructive. Accessible both in multiplayer and off-line, they allow you to build relationships with others.

Video games, how to escape? They are the ones by whom innovation comes, flagship of the latest technologies, ever more creative, ever more attractive to our children (and not only …), they unleash all the passions and widen the gaps between the generations. So, for or against video games? Relax, game is good.

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