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You will build new social relationships thanks to online games

Players are sometimes stigmatized as being too isolated, but the opposite is true. The rise of online multiplayer experiences has given way to a new form of socialization in which players work together to solve problems. But studies have shown that games can also serve as a catalyst for friends to meet in person: about 70 percent of all players play with friends at least part of the year.

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Video games can improve balance in people with multiple sclerosis

As this is a nerve disorder, patients with multiple sclerosis often have balance problems and no drug has been conclusively proven to help them. However, one study showed that patients with MS who played games requiring physical interaction while standing on a balance board showed improvement later.

Another message to anyone: if you know someone around you who suffers from MS, you have a gift idea for your next visit.

You’ll make decisions quickly

We all know someone who seems to have a faster CPU than the rest of us, able to retrieve information or react in a fraction of a second. For some, this ability could be enhanced by the game. Because new information is constantly being displayed during the game, players are forced to adapt quickly. In one study, players immersed in fast-paced games reacted 25% faster to questions on an image they had just seen than other players.

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Video games can reduce cravings

Players who are concerned about excessive consumption of food, tobacco or alcohol would be better served if they were talking to a controller instead. A university study revealed a 24 percent reduction in the desire for their vice of choice after playing a puzzle game.
Message to smokers: you know that “smoking is detrimental to health” does not tell you anything. From time to time enjoy video games afternoons, this message will tell you something. We have not forgotten you, gourmands and alcoholics! Give yourself to video games.

Video games reduce stress

Although some games are supposed to induce stress – especially when you see your character shot for the umpteenth time – the opposite may be true. A major study that followed the players for six months and measured heart rate revealed that some titles reduced the adrenaline response by more than 50 percent.

Message to people experiencing stress: Never miss at least one game in your smartphone. It will be your companion in due course.

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